Born and raised under the shadows of the Himalayas, Karma spent her childhood listening to her grandmother’s tales about her journey’s across mountains and borders for trading Tibetan handicrafts. It is within these stories that Karma realized the power of storytelling in evoking emotions, which later inspired her to create visual stories about her female experience on Instagram.

Since then, she has continued to produce stories on issues related to gender and the South Asian diaspora through the medium of multimedia journalism. She has reported from New Delhi, Kathmandu, Jakarta and Abu Dhabi on topics spanning a wide range of issues from family reunions in the prisons of Indonesia to female refugees in the wake of Nepal’s devastating earthquake. Her work has appeared in publications such as CNN, Rappler, Nepali Times, The Gazelle, and Airport Road.  

Currently she is pursuing a double major in Film & New Media and Social Research and Public Policy at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). Karma is a strong advocate for increasing representation of women in the film industry and has produced three short narrative films directed by female directors in Abu Dhabi. When not thinking about her next project, Karma likes to visit thrift stores and collect old magazines for creative inspiration.